Edward River Canoe Trip


During research for Murray-Darling Journeys we only found a handful of journeys on the Edward River with only one of them in the last century. The bits I had seen when crossing the river at Deniliquin and Moulamein showed that it is quite a wide river. During the research of the book we also came across the Edward River Canoe & Kayak Trail Guide which covered the whole river. After a close look at the guide it seems to just be a listing of distances and road access points. It does not describe what the on-water conditions are like. Therefore, the Edward River was put onto my list as a river to paddle to see what it really was like.

I paddled the length of the Edward River between November 2018 and January 2019.

The Edward River is an anabranch of the Murray River. It leaves the Murray at Picnic Point upstream of Barmah, flows through Deniliquin and Moulamein before joining the Wakool River for it's final 30 km before rejoining the Murray downstream of Tooleybuc. The overall length of the Edward River is about 400 km. According to Murray-Darling Journeys rowing and paddling journeys on the Edward River are rare and there are no detailed accounts of such journeys. However, there is the Edward River Canoe & Kayak Trail Guide which lists access points and river distances.

During 2018 I exchanged some emails with Bill M from Queensland. Over recent years Bill and his mate Derek have paddled kayaks down the major rivers of the Murray-Darling Basin and in May-June 2018 they paddled down the Edward River at relatively low water levels. Bill reported

The weather wasn't the best - cold and wet a lot of the way. But the Edward was an interesting paddle. The most difficult part of the trip was the first couple of kms past the regulator at Picnic Point. The river was blocked in two or three places with no way through. We had to put the boats on trolleys and walk them past.

The Edward was flowing at about 1500ML a day. There was plenty of water the whole way. Other than the first few kilometres I didn't have to get out of the boat once for the whole trip. Most of the locals we spoke to told us we wouldn't be able to paddle thru but there was a path cut through every snag. It was an enjoyable trip through interesting countryside. The fishing was good the whole way. Caught half a dozen big cod for the trip and plenty of smaller specimens. The Edward is just like a scaled-down version of the Murray.

It is noted that during the warmer months there often is a higher flow of up to 3000 Ml/day and higher water level 1-1.5 metres higher than winter levels.

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  • Edward River Canoe & Kayak Trail Guide

  • Hayman’s Maps, Barmah-Shepparton-Deniliquin Adventure Map, Available here.

  • Edward River Charts, a Deniliquin Boat Users Guide, available from Deniliquin Visitors Centre, covers 35 km from Deniliquin to Stevens Weir

  • NSW SIX Maps Here you can view and print NSW topographic and Satellite images of the whole state. There are various tools such as distance measurement.


  • NSW SIX Maps etopo You can download for free a PDF of the relevant topographic map and then in Adobe (free version) you can use the "Snapshot" tool (go to Edit -> Take a Snapshot) to select the part of the map you want. Then you can right click in the selected area to print that part of the map. This provides you with the official topographic map which includes 1 km grid lines. However, it can be annoying when the river crosses the border of the map multiple times!

River Levels

MDBA Edward River Offtake

MDBA Stevens Weir


Murray-Darling Journeys - the book and links to other journeys

Edward River Canoe & Kayak Trail Guide

Edward River: Picnic Point to Deniliquin. A video by Peter Phillips

The Edward River: A video by the students of Moulamein Public School

Flowing Facts about the Edward River Information about the Edward River by students of the Deniliquin South Public School

Scarred Tree Manual

Modified Trees (Scar Trees)

Ring (or boundary) Trees

River Distances (km) Overview

Edwards Bridge - Deniliquin 57#, 61*

Deniliquin - Stevens Weir 30**

Stevens Weir - Moulamein 182# 181.5*

Moulamein - Kyalite (Wakkool River) 127.5# 117*

Kyalite - Murray Confluence 32^

River Distance References:

*Edward River Canoe & Kayak Trail Guide

**Edward River Charts, a Deniliquin Boat Users Guide, available from Deniliquin Visitors Centre


^Map measurement

Some of the distances given between access points in Edward River Canoe & Kayak Trail Guide do not match the distances that I have measured by GPS. Some differences are quite large and can result in difficulties if an extra 10 km are required to be paddled to a pre-arranged pickup point. Details are given below

River Distances Detail, GPS (Canoe Guide)

1. Edwards Bridge - Hazelwood Rd Footbridge 27.5 (35)

2. Hazelwood Rd Footbridge - Deniliquin (Willoughbys Beach) 28 (26)

3. Deniliquin (Willoughbys Beach) - Greg Graham Reserve 25.5 (25) Greg Graham Reserve is 4 km upstream of Stevens Weir

4. Stevens Weir - Morago Bridge* 20 (20)

5. Morago Bridge* - Werai NW Boundary

5A. Morago Bridge* - Niemur River junction 30.6 (31)

5B. Niemur River junction - Werai NW Boundary 25.3 (27.5)

6. Werai NW Boundary - Balpool Rd 27.2 (27)

7. Balpool Rd - McKenzie Reserve 35.4 (46)

8. McKenzie Reserve - Moulamein Reserve 38 (30)

9. Moulamein Reserve - Moolpa Reserve

9A. Moulamein Reserve - 9 Mile Reserve 36.5 (29)

9B. 9 Mile Reserve - Moolpa Reserve 24.1 (30)

10 Moolpa Reserve - Kyalite Public Reserve

10A. Moolpa Reserve - Yal Yal Reserve 41.5 (35)

10B. Yal Yal Reserve - Kyalite Public Reserve 25.4 (23)

*Morago Bridge is a convenient access point and the GPS distance from Stevens Weir matches the Canoe Guide distance which shows access further downstream on Finn Rd.