Gundagai - Wagga

Gundagai (Gobarralong TSR) to Wagga,125 km, 4 days

You can also read about my earlier journey down this section here.

This section was done as two separate trips with the first on being conducted from a base at Gundagai and the second one being done from a base at Wagga. On the first day of the first trip we launched at Gobarralong Reserve (just downstream of Gobarralong Bridge) and paddled the 33 km down to Gundagai. This is included in this section. Information about access points can be found in the Murrumbidgee River Canoe Trail brochure.

Sun 8 Nov 2020, 33 km

We based ourselves for several days at the beautiful Gundagai River View Caravan Park. On the Sunday morning, leaving one car at the caravan park, we drove to Gobarralong Traveling Stock Reserve (TSR) and launched downstream of the bridge at about 9:45 am. It took us about 5:30 hours including breaks to paddle the 33 km down to Gundagai. The river was generally wide with sandy beaches and a current of several kilometres an hours. Unlike my 2004 paddle down this section, there was only a small flow coming down the Tumut River. There were a few sections where the river became narrow and snaggy but we had no problems navigating our way through. We pulled out just downstream of the road bridge next to the caravan park at Gundagai.

Mon 9 Nov 2020, 23 km

A car shuffle was required to leave our cars at Lime Kiln TSR. Camping is not allowed here and river access is not great so it would not be a suitable stopping place for through paddlers. By the time this was completed, we were able to launch from Gundagai at 10 am. About 45 minutes before reaching Lime Kiln TSR there was a narrow section of river and about 10 minutes later there were the remains of what appears to be an old wharf. We arrived at Lime Kiln TSR at 2:45 pm and had to exert ourselves to get the canoes and kayaks up the almost vertical bank.

Tues 10 Nov 2020, 30 km

An even longer car shuffle today to deposit our kayaks at Lime Kiln TSR, leave most of the cars at Sandy Beach (Wantabadgery) and return to Lime KIln. By 10:30 am we were on the water and it would be 5 hours before we arrived at Sandy Beach, 30 km downstream. It felt like the current assistance was slightly less than the previous days but the flow was still around 8000 Ml/day. About 16 km downstream of Lime Kiln TSR the river flows under Mundarlo Bridge (the old Hume Hwy). This is a low level crossing that is closed to traffic at high water levels so care must be taken at high flows to ensure it is not a life threatening hazard. We had no problems going underneath it. At Sandy Beach there is a convenient boat ramp and a free camping reserve with picnic tables and toilets.

Tues 22 Feb 2022, 41 km

We were based at Wagga Big 4 Caravan Park which has river frontage. I was dropped off at Sandy Beach (Wantabadgery) and started paddling at 10 am. There was about 13000 Ml/day flowing down the river and I measured myself drifting at 4-5 km/h at one place. It took about 5 hours including a few short breaks to get to Oura Beach. The river is wide and there are no major obstacles. There were sandy beaches and some lovely spots that would make good campsites. About 12 km downstream of Sandy Beach there is a bridge that would be no problem to get under except in flood. At Oura Beach there is a rough boat ramp, sandy beach and a free camping reserve with picnic tables and toilets.

Wed 23 Feb 2022, 24 km

It was only a 3 hour paddle to cover the 24 km from Oura Beach to Wagga Big 4 Caravan Park. About 4 km before the caravan park you pass under Eunony Bridge. The caravan park is not obvious from the river. It is just past some willowy islands which may have flying foxes on them and it is just before the Wagga water treatment plant. The caravan park would make a convenient stop over for through paddlers. There are camping sites close to the river and there is a IGA supermarket at the service station at the front of the caravan park.