Murray River Canoe Trip

Murray River Canoe Trip 1995-2017 


Upper Murray Walking Trip 2013


This has been written as a guide to assist other canoeists planning to paddle on the Murray River. I have attempted to give a guide to water levels and flows that I encountered on my trips. I have also tried to give information about potential campsites along the way. I like the quote by George Ernest Morrison who, in addition to many other adventures, in 1882 became the first person to paddle a canoe down the Murray River from Albury to the sea "...the journey was more interesting and less tedious than the account thereof". I think that applies equally to this account. For more information about Morrison's journey click here.

I did not start paddling with the aim of paddling the whole length of the river. It was about 2002 that I decided I would try to complete the length of the Murray and then a year or two later decided that I would try to paddle the Murrumbidgee as well. 

For a few years I had the idea to walk along the Murray from its source to Bringenbrong Bridge from where I had previously paddled downstream. In March 2013 I completed the very challenging walk from the Murray source to Tom Groggin with a couple friends and later that year I completed the journey to Bringenbrong Bridge on foot. This completed an 18 year and 6 day journey along the Murray River from source to sea. In December 2017 I had the opportunity to be part of a recce for hiking/paddling the top 150 km of the Murray River i.e hiking from the Murray Source to The Poplars following the river closely and then paddling inflatable kayaks through the Murray Gates down to Bringenbrong Bridge. The party included river guides Richard Swain and Kristian Cargill of Alpine River Adventures together with Matty Hunter who was starting his own Source to Sea journey.

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Statistics (Bringenbrong - Mouth)

When – between 30 September 1995 and 27 March 2007

Total distance – Bringenbrong Bridge to Murray Mouth = 2400km

62 paddling days @ an average of 38.7km per day

Largest distance in a day= 61 km (in Barham-Swan Hill section)


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