Picnic Point to Deniliquin

Murray River (Picnic Point) to Edward River Campground (8 km)

I did not paddle this section due to access issues and the fact that the Edward River Canoe Trail officially starts at the Edward River Campground about 8 km downstream of the Murray River. However, if you are interested in starting at Picnic Point you will have to portage the regulator just after entering the Edward River. This looks to be a relatively easy portage with a convenient launch spot on the left bank about 100 metres below the regulator underneath a willow tree. Alternatively you may be able to drive along the track just to the left of Timbercutters Cafe at Picnic Point to access the Edward River just below the regulator.

Bill M who paddled through here in May/June 2018 at relatively low water reported that for a couple kilometres downstream of the regulator the river was blocked by snags and they had to portage several times.

Edward River Campground to Taylors Bridge, 28 January 2019, (14 km)

River conditions Edward River Offtake: 1550 Ml/day, ht 2.39

Launched at 10 am from Edward River Campground 8 km below regulator near Picnic Point. Floating pontoon with canoe/kayak launching facilities for disabled paddlers. Paddled upstream for 2.7 km. Nice river, narrow with very low banks. Turn around paddling downstream. After 12 km where river heads west away from road the river becomes narrow and very windy. Lift myself over tree across river where there is an island in the river (-35.77127, 144.96243). Glad for empty boat otherwise portage would have been required and no convenient landing spot. River broadens and good progress to Taylor's Bridge. 19 km, 2:30 hrs (includes the initial upstream distance above the Campground). Drive to Timbercutters Cafe at Picnic Point for lunch. Edward River offtake and regulator are just behind cafe. Convenient launch spot below regulator on left side under willow tree. There is Telstra phone reception at both Campground and Taylors Bridge.

Taylors Bridge to Mclean Beach (Deniliquin), 27 January 2019, (45.4 km)

Don't be confused by the dates. I did this section the day before the upstream section for logistical reasons. 

Launched at Taylor's Bridge at 10 am. Flow of 2 kph. Cloudy day, lukewarm water after very hot Dec and Jan. Occasional fisherman and campers. Snaggy river but no problems getting thru. After about 15 km reach Gulpa Creek confluence. Soon after see a double ring tree on left. At 20 km I come to a small island, go right and just get under a tree trunk only to see a low level bridge just ahead (-35.63866, 144965712). Easy portage on the left. Paddle around the bend and find the river blocked with snags, another portage, paddle a bit further, more snags etc. The river here is very narrow and it required 3-4 portages after the bridge within 1 km. The river then widens and no more problem. Sandy beaches start appearing and higher banks. Continue to Lawson Syphon at about 34 km, have a swim. Shortly after is the Edward River Escape from the Mulwala Canal where water cascades into the Edward River. Quite spectacular and a significant increase in current to the river (an extra 1800 Ml/day). More campers as I approach Deniliquin. Arrive at McLean Beach at 5pm. Lots of people and speed boats. Feeling tired with stiff back, not surprising considering it was 45.4 km at a moving average of 8.0 kph.