Goulburn River Canoe Trip


This is the description of my 320 km kayak trip down Victoria's Goulburn River from Seymour to Moama. I did this trip "featherbed explorer" style (like Captain Van Zuilecom in 1854). See pages 20-22 of Murray-Darling Journeys to find out more about Captain Cadell's accusation of Captain Van Zuilecom being a "featherbed explorer" on his journey down the Goulburn River in 1854.

This description is broken up into four sub-pages (click on the links below or on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner of this page):

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Mike Bremers


West, Anthony & Classon, Bill & Hawkins, Trevor & Australian Fishing Network (2011). Fishing and Camping, Goulburn River : including Lake Eildon - big - Howqua Rivers (Rev. & updated ed). Australian Fishing Network, Croydon South, Vic. Available here.

Hayman’s Maps, Barmah-Shepparton-Deniliquin Adventure Map, Available here.


Murray-Darling Journeys - the book and links to other journeys

McLaughlin, Chris and Yvonne, The Rivers and Lakes of Victoria, 1991

Journeys along the Murray, Murrumbidgee & Goulburn Rivers, Peter Phillips

Adelaide Canoe Club, Eildon-Seymour, 2015

Adelaide Canoe Club, Shepparton-Moama, 2017

River Heights

Bureau of Meteorology,

MDBA McCoys Bridge

Forecast Releases

McLaughlin recommends, “for an enjoyable trip” minimum river levels of 1.0m at Seymour, 0.5m at Murchison and 1.25m at McCoys Bridge.

River distances

(based on the distances given on the maps in Fishing and camping, Goulburn River)

Location Cumulative km

Eildon 0

Alexandra 30

Seymour 125

Nagambie 175

Goulburn Weir 185

Murchison 210

Shepparton 270

McCoys Bridge 365

Yambuna Bridge 395

Stewarts Bridge 430

Murray River Jtn 435

Echuca 450