Murrumbidgee River Canoe Trip


This has been written as a guide to assist other canoeists planning to paddle on the Murrumbidgee River. I have attempted to give a guide to water levels and flows that I encountered on my trips. I have also tried to give information about potential campsites along the way. I like the quote by George Ernest Morrison who, in addition to many other adventures, paddled down the Murray River in 1880-81 "...the journey was more interesting and less tedious than the account thereof". I think that applies equally to this account. For more information about Morrison's journey click here.

I did not start paddling with the aim of paddling the whole length of the river. It was about 2002 that I decided I would try to complete the length of the Murray and then a year or two later decided that I would try to paddle the Murrumbidgee as well. The final section (Maude – Murray Junction) was the most satisfying, not only because it was the last section, but because it was the most remote and had the added difficulty of low water flows and the unknown conditions associated with that.

You can also read about my later journey down the Murrumbidgee here.

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When – between 18 March 1995 and 9 April 2008

Total distance – Jugiong to Murray River

1113 km as measured on 1:50 000 map with map measuring tool*

1078 km as measured by GPS in Great Millenium Trip

36 paddling days @ an average of 30.9 km per day

Largest distance in a day = 53km (Gundagai – Sandy Beach)

* See Notes on River Distances

Water Levels

NSW Water Information


Murrumbidgee River Maps: I used a better set of maps for my 2021-22 journey down the Murrumbidgee. See the "Maps" section here.


Murrumbidgee River Canoe & Kayak Trail, Burrinjuck to Wagga, Department of Lands, NSW 

NSW Department of Lands, Waterside Reserves, 1:50 000, (4 maps covering Burrinjuck to Murray River, out of print), scanned maps used with permission - Copyright: LAND AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY, Panorama Avenue, Bathurst NSW 2695. See the links on each sub-page. 

AFN outdoor guide series by Jamin Forbes & Martin Asmus 2007: Fishing and camping Murrumbidgee River, Gundagai to Narrandera, Narrandera to Balranald (available from here

1:250 000 Natmaps


Murray-Darling Journeys - the book and links to other journeys

Great Millenium Canoe Trip

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